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How this idea started.

Growing up, some of my biggest interests were new technology and gaming. Later in my life I moved away from gaming development and I've been studying blockchain technology and business heavily. Recently while developing a full thesis on NFTs and deeply studying the technology, I realized that this is my opportunity to build a massive gaming IP. Blockchains and Dragons will be that IP. I feel inclined to create this now because as Ive come to understand the technology, Ive realized that there is potential to create a gaming ecosystem where supporters have the potential to gain more than just fun. This technology creates a real path where supporters can gain serious value for supporting and playing a game. With that thought the Blockchains and Dragons project was born. 

 Position of gaming in the crypto and NFT market

Gaming is in a very unique position on the blockchain. I believe that with the growth of blockchain technology we will see every single industry disrupted and altered. Gaming is an industry that is already very tech base and will have an easy time adopting blockchain. As the largest (by far) entertainment industry it is obvious to me that an absolutely massive wave is coming and we at blockchains and dragons want to be a piece of the future. Crypto in gaming allows for amazingly powerful new dynamics between the gamer and the game. I firmly believe that gaming is going to be one of the greatest catalysts for blockchain adoption in the history of crypto in terms of adoption financially, and with new users. Gaming is in a very powerful place inside of the crypto ecosystem, as adoption will be inevitable as more and more of the population starts to realize the benefits and come to enjoy the model of play to earn gaming and market owned economies inside of gaming. 

Analysis of market, competitor, and growth potential 

This section of the crypto market is rather new, this means that in terms of competition almost all projects are still in development, and the current ones released don't have the framework to be able to scale or are simply poor- mediocre products. Our style at Blockchains & Dragons is very unique and will be easy to stand out against the noise in this space. Blockchains and Dragons will be the first metaverse of its type. While this section of the market is very active, compared to the size of standard gaming in the entertainment industry blockchain gaming might as well be brand new. This specific market is very ripe for a large influx of users which gives the project a massive growth potential as people move from standard to blockchain games. 



Product/ Game info

Game info

The Blockchains and Dragons metaverse is our main product and our full time project. Unlike many PFP projects, our NFTs will not be blockchains and dragons main product, it will be the meta verse. The NFT drop is an essential part of the project and is foundational but is not the primary product of this project, it will simply allow you to get much more out of the metaverse and the other activities around our brand and projects/ partnerships. This initial NFT drop will give the earliest adopters a much greater chance to get early, and even exclusive access to all future drops with this project, ranging from anything like exclusive items/ pets all the way to extremely high valued land plots inside of the games world, along with; airdrops, giveaways, and staking for in game currency.

The Blockchain & Dragons metaverse will be a Play to Earn RPG multiplayer Dungeon crawling game that will generally be represented by the fantasy/ D&D niche. We want to create something really fun without sacrificing the players opportunity to financially succeed playing the game. 


When you open Blockchains & Dragons you will be presented with a screen asking you to choose your starter class, further options will be unlockable through tasks inside of the game. As you choose your class you'll be dropped into a town square. This area will be full of all the other players in your server that are in the town at that moment. In town people can converse, meet other people, explore, craft items, attempt to sell items, challenge each other, visit taverns, auction houses, or their guild hall and more. On the sides of town one side will take you to your "plot" with in game which starts as storage but can be upgraded via in game currency, or by owning a rare land NFT, although some of the land nfts wont be hidden like your own instance. For example a town shop would allow you to set up a merchant station where you may sell goods to other players and act as a sales person in the middle of town. On the other side of town will be a gate that will load you into a world instance of your choice. These worlds are generated when the instance is created, it will be full of npcs, monsters, loot, hidden dungeons and strong bosses. In each instance of the world small monsters and some medium monsters will respawn to populate the world, however, bosses and dungeons will not. When all of the bosses have been killed in that instance, it closes and the remaining players will have an opportunity to fight a random super high level boss. At any time you can summon a portal and leave the instance back to town. Killing monsters and bosses will grant you experience, gold, and potentially some legendary items! Players will be able to gain exp in order to level up their hero and progress through the classes skill tree. Max your characters, get the best loot, level up your town and land, and become a king!

Play to earn mechanics: an NFT will not be required to play or earn from our game, however your utility and earning capability will be substantially increased with nfts. There are several avenues of monetization that I want to talk about today that will all be active in our game. There will be many ways to earn real value from our game. First off our in game currency will be a token, this will allow for trading between players of gold for real money, this will keep value as it will be central to our economy, items will be denominated in gold value unless the community finds a good that they prefer to trade, there will also be high tier upgrades that will require a very large amount of gold. This will assure that there will be players buying gold from the market as opposed to farming for it. Secondarily there will be item drops, some rare than others and some rare items will be NFTs, this will not just be weapons and armor/ equipment but could also be pets, steeds, rare skins etc. These will have a real world value due to their rarity and utility inside of the game and will be tradable to other players on the open marketplace. Third NFT holders will be able to stake their nfts for a secondary currency. This currency will access a rotating shop of items and rare NFT cosmetics, the currency will also be tradeable on the open market if you would like to cash out quicker. Fourth we will create a way for player to hold NFTs to be able to rent them out to other players, NFT items will be cool and have powerful effects. Players will be incentivized to pay to rent the nft as a means to be able to earn more in game for a potential amount of time, however you wouldn't be able to stake your nft while renting it out so the renting price would be fixed to be higher that the staking price of your nft, if you did not offer higher than stake price you would be very unlikely to find a kind enough soul to rent to you. 5th players will have the option to breed steeds and pets if they are able to find/ purchase 2 of the same species. These would be valuable for the cosmetics and will also bring direct utility to your character. Supply would be kept down on these with a burning mechanism that only allowed an animal to be bread twice before its burnt and burning a virgin animal of the same rarity to breed a pet or steed of next level of rarity. 6th through upgrading your land plot you may be able to create a farm and have a chance to harvest rare nft ingredients, or build a mine and harvest rare metals.  Now that we have listed the main ways to earn money inside of Blockchains and Dragons, we have one more that we will be attempting to integrate, this would be an  option for you to create your new character as an nft, this would save all of the properties such as level, skilltree, equipped items, etc and allow you to sell or rent your character to other players on the open market. This is something Id really like to create as if we can make it work we could have evolving NFTs that scale with you character and change with the gear equipped. This would also allow for players to sell a old/ high level character for real money without having to sell their account information like you would in other games, this s a huge development in player freedom and ownership that I would personally like to make happen. 

Money raised from our initial drop will go to a variety of different causes, first we will pay off our team. Then we will be doing our our 10-25-45K$ variable minted milestone give away to our community. Then we will be hosting our massive charity event voted on by holders and will take care of the rest of the items crossed on our roadmap. After all that's taken care of we will go into hiring a substantially bigger team, comprised of marketers, game designers, developers, artists. We will then be going out and gathering partnerships with other projects that we want to succeed and are willing to offer value to our holders through whitelists, free mints, etc. This will also subsequently help get new attention and eyes on our project helping us grow and build a stronger community and stronger NFT holders each day. A very large amount of this money will go into the development of the game. However there will be a lot that goes directly into the marketing of the project as a whole. Now , once the project is on the open market and we start to see secondary sales we will be collecting them in a separate wallet. This 5% secondary sales royalty will be split 3 ways. 2% will be dedicated to activities that bring holders direct value for holding the tokens, theses activities will be things like exclusive giveaways, airdrops, and development of features that bring greater utility for holders. 1% of the funds will be used for advertising to bring in brand new people and a higher demand for the project. This will bring new people that will find interest in our metaverse and will create new players, along with increasing NFT demand which would likely raise the average price. This will be activities like ads, public giveaways, high tier partnerships. and the use of the last 2% will be voted on by holders of our genesis NFT. We will have a weekly townhall at the end of each week/ month were we will have a civil discussion about the options and then we will take a vote on our decided action.

What will we do with money raised?

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