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The Very Best in Mobile Gaming

Frequently Asked Questions 

How big is the collection?

5000 NFTs made from 100 uniquely designed pixel art characters

Why did you choose this style?

This is a style of art and game that I've always been very fond of and have wanted to create a game in this genre for a very long time. Now with NFTs there's a real opportunity to not only create an amazing game but also be able to bring value and utility to all of the people that supported the project in a way that wasn't possible prior.

How do I mint on IMX

We will soon have some tutorials on our discord for newer people, however it is very very similar to an eth mint and will happen on our website through our minting engine.

How rare are the rarities?

For each character we will distribute 20 commons, 15 uncommons, 9 rares, 5 epics, and 1 legendary. 

Why are you launching on IMX?

After watching the amount of gas fees paid by the community it was important for me to find a  way to fix that. However I didn't want to sacrifice the asset not being native to ETH, so to solve this issue we decided to launch on IMX, which will keep you all safe from gas wars and will also have your NFT native the Ethereum blockchain

When will minting be? 

If there are no serious technical issues minting will proceed to start on November 15th for the whitelisted, and November 16th for the public sale.

Is there a secondary royalty?

Yes there will be a 5% royalty on all secondary sale. This will be split between marketing to bring new interest into the project and activities that boost the value received by holders, ex airdrops, free mints, holder only giveaways and partnerships.

What is the early supporter role? 

The early supporter role is a special role for the first 100 people to join our discord. These people are special to me as they range from people who believed in the project when I was the only one in the discord still building it out, to the people who believed in the project before there was even any "gm" in the discord. These people will have a guaranteed whitelist spot for ALL DROPS INSIDE THE BLOCKCHAINS AND DRAGONS METAVERSE! and will also be able to access further utility that will be released in the future. 

What is the game going to be like?

Come check out the about our game section in our white paper! it should have more information that you're interested in. 

What price will each be to mint?

People with a free mint pass will be able to mint for free, however whitelist and public sale will be between 0.05-0.1 eth. Final price will be decided very soon. 

Whats the difference in a common and legendary character?

The rarity of your character will be decided by the color of background. from least to most rare it goes; white, green, blue, purple, gold. This rarity will not only be worth more because they are much rarer but will also have higher utility scaling with the rarity without sacrificing the utility given to common holders.

How can I join the whitelist?

There will be more oppurtunities to join our whitelist! I will make it clear when it is closed on the discord. If you want to whitelist and are not in the discord join now. There will be contests for free mints and chances to whitelist for invites, engaging on discord and even just being there at the right time. Keep your eyes open and make sure you get your spot! 

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